Monday, 17 December 2012

Here's a Quickie - a Christmas Farewell

Hello Everyone:  Cy Bear  here, to tell you about the Farewell to Silvery Brown Furry Bear (SBFB for short!) - who is on his way tomorrow to White Plains, NY, USA.

He's been waiting to make his travel arrangements since the beginning of December, but it was only this morning that the payment was received.  So his travel plans were speeded up and he will be posted from the Codford Post Office tomorrow morning, using a special postal travel plan which we hope will get him to his Forever Home in time for Christmas Day.

SBFB all wrapped up, ready for the journey

The payment evidently got caught in the "Christmas delivery holdups", Isobel tells me - whatever that may be!  Anyway the cheque arrived in a lovely Christmas card to Isobel, who only then found out that the Lady buying SBFB is a family friend.  She and her husband are former neighbours of IvyM (Forever Friend of Mons. Reynard and Mme. Lapin - who have both been patients in our Stuffed Animal Restoration Clinic (Etsy Listing # 79124185), with each having had their treatment reports earlier this year.

 In case folks wish to be reminded, Mme Lapin was featured in two posts on February 18 and 20, 2012, and the Rejuvenation of Mons. Reynard was posted on March 4 and 7, 2012). 

MrsPC-F, is the grandmother of MylesF who lives in White Plains, and she and her husband, MrC-F, live in Florida.  So, when we parcelled up SBFB, I wrote a little note to MylesF - just explaining what was happening and introducing SBFB  as his new Forever Friend.

I naturally could not tell MylesF - who is only 4 months old - what his new Forever Friend  is called - because, of course, that will be  for Myles to decide, and of course one cannot spoil the surprise.  I'm sure, however, that SBFB won't remain Silvery Brown Bear's nick-name for very long - it's not terribly Forever Friendly, I don't think!

Anyway, I'll close this now - so that we can all go to bed.  Hope you're all well and getting ready for Christmas - it's my first real Christmas this year, and I'm getting quite excited by all this.  Isobel is going to be away - which is why she and I will be sharing the blogging in the next week or two and I'm being left on guard of the other Coldham Cuddlies while she is away.  It is an immense responsibility!

Bye for now. Cy Bear.